Deck Archetypes with Woody

This episode we speak with Woody of Reddit Alpha about playing the different deck archetypes in Clash Royale. We cover how they vary in play style, pair up against each other, and change in overtime. We also discuss Woody’s involvement in the Reddit community, including running Reddit Alpha, and his Card Popularity Snapshot. Finally, we follow up with Nite Light about what’s changed since we last spoke in our episode Leading a Top Clan.

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Woody Clash Royale

Woody is a top Clash Royale player, leader of Reddit Alpha, and founder of the Reddit Royale Clan System. He is a content creator on Twitch/YouTube and has broadcast some of the worlds top Clash Royale competitive events. He also produces a bi-weekly meta game analysis called the Card Popularity Snapshot.




Card Popularity Snapshot: Snapshot #24


Reddit Alpha

Reddit Alpha - Clash Royale

The Reddit Alpha Clan Family was established by Woody shortly after the Clash Royale soft launch. From humble beginnings, Reddit Alpha has grown into a Global Top 20 clan with hundreds of members throughout a thriving feeder system of six affiliate clans. They are a founding member of Reddit’s Royale Clan System and have claimed the championship of every RCS tournament so far.




Music in this episode was provided by a.schroder.